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Product Sourcing

For clients that haven’t yet identified the best supplier, we are able to find it for you.  Using your exact requirements including branding, ingredients, packaging and pricing, we aim to give you a range of options to choose from.

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Supplier Management

Acting as a member of your company, we can be the main port of call for all supplier issues.  This could be fairly light touch such as coordinating shipments to attending meetings representing your interests.  Or even, where the supplier prefers to have a contractual relationship with a locally-based company, we can be party to the contract.



We are able to use warehouses in a variety of locations depending on the best port of exit for the delivery location.  We will manage the movement of goods from multiple sites to the optimum consolidation point.  From there, we can provide export clearance and logistics to the final destination.

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Finding the most effective logistic solutions within the UK to the point of consolidation or to the point of final delivery.  We can offer a range of delivery options based on speed, cost and cold chain requirements.  As part of this we are able to ensure movements comply with UK tax authority requirements.


Project Management

We can manage the process end-to-end from sourcing the product to their arrival at your warehouse.  Working with you as an extended part of your team and your suppliers we will ensure things go as smoothly as possible.

Export Consultancy

As well as working with importers, we also help UK producers realise new export opportunities.  From analysing the market  and identifying key prospects right through to supporting the establishment of new contracts and ongoing logistics.

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Private Label

We have extensive relationships with contract producers and the ability to create new brands to meet your specific requirement.  From beverage development to production to packaging, we can help you create the right beverage for your situation.

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